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UPDATE REGARDING CONTACTING US: Our main line is up and running again. Feel free to reach out to us !

COVID-19 Update:

We know COVID has caused a lot of stress on our community, and we are here to help! Here is our most recent policy and status update:

We are currently accepting both telehealth clients and limited onsite clients as per Colorado State guidelines. 

Our Nurse Practitioner is currently taking new clients for medication management. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with the NP while you wait to be assigned to a therapist, please email us at NPinfo@aatpc.org 

About Us:

A little about us, we are a mental health counseling center located in Arvada. We have 14 therapists who practice Animal Assisted Therapy. We have 30 rescued animals who live on our property and are also involved in sessions. We have goats, donkeys, horses, alpacas, rabbits, rats, cats, and certified therapy dogs. You name it! We like to see clients weekly. Usually, at the same time each week for 50-minute sessions. 

Thank you for reaching out to Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado. We are on a 5-6 month waiting list for therapy services. See below on how to be added to our waitlist!

Please use the link below to create an account and complete our Intake Paperwork found under the "FORMS" tab. Once we receive the paperwork, we will add you to our waitlist and then review it to find the most appropriate counselor based on needs and availability. 


For updates about the wait list time, contact info@aatpc.org.

AATPC Mission Statement:

Through our counseling and training programs, Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado provides and promotes animal assisted psychotherapy to facilitate healing for all people in need and for rescued animals. 

What We Do:

We PROVIDE ANIMAL ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPY to people of all ages and income levels at our Barking C.A.A.T. Ranch in Arvada, CO

We PRESCRIBE and MONITOR PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATION to AATPC clients in need of medication support

We TRAIN MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS in the Specialty of Animal Assisted Psychotherapy 

We RESCUE ANIMALS who need a home and love people and we provide them with a permanent home

We provide GROUP THERAPY for AATPC clients and other organizations (by contract)

We provide FREE EVENTS aimed at increasing community and improving mental wellness

We offer a UNIQUE SPACE to rent for small group meetings and retreats


Psychotherapy Services

We provide counseling and psychotherapy to clients of all ages, all with the assistance of our therapy animals.Wonderful atmosphere. My daughter would always get excited to go to therapy to work with the animals. Her therapist and the animals both helped her to overcome a great deal of her struggles and we are very grateful.

"Wonderful atmosphere. My daughter would always get excited to go to therapy to work with the animals. Her therapist and the animals both helped her to overcome a great deal of her struggles and we are very grateful." Anonymous Parent


"I was put at ease right away by the animals being here. It made me relax more and I was never pushed into talking. Some days we didn’t talk at all. I love my counselors here and see why everyone comes here." Anonymous Client

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Training for Professionals

Learn how to implement Animal Assisted Psychotherapy as part of your professional practice.

"I am so pleased to have been able to undertake this certificate. It was the best product I could find to boost my qualifications in this area and the fact that it is offered online has meant it is accessible to international students such as myself. The courses are of high rigour and practical application." Gwen Shumack, Psychologist, NSW, Australia.


“AATPC Intensive Training is a novel and innovative learning experience in applying animal assisted therapy techniques to use with the most traditional aspects of psychotherapy. The training was fun, comprehensive, and an innovative experience. I am eager to apply these techniques with my patients.” - Susan Fuchs, MD Psychiatrist, Hamilton, NJ

Barking C.A.A.T. Ranch
(Center for Animal Assisted Therapy)
7275 Kipling Street
Arvada, CO 80005
P 720-266-4444
F 720-266-4444

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