Comments on our Online Certificate Program

"I am so pleased to have been able to undertake this certificate. It was the best product I could find to boost my qualifications in this area and the fact that it is offered online has meant it is accessible to international students such as myself. The AAT industry is still unregulated in Australia and so this course was not only been helpful in developing my clinical skills, but has also assisted in demonstrating my pursuit of 'best practice'. The courses are of high rigour and practical application." Gwen Shumack, Psychologist, UNE Student Counselling and Psychological Service, Armidale, NSW, Australia.

Comments on our 3-Day Intensives

“AATPC Intensive Training is a novel and innovative learning experience in applying animal assisted therapy techniques to use with the most traditional aspects of psychotherapy. The training was fun, comprehensive, and an innovative experience. I am eager to apply these techniques with my patients.” - Susan Fuchs, MD Psychiatrist, Hamilton, NJ

“This workshop validated so many of the observations I have made over the years regarding the therapeutic value of AAT. Thank-you for a very well-organized and valuable learning experience and for sharing the amazing work you do with us. You are very inspiring.” - Terri Straiton, Teacher/Counsellor, BC, Canada

“This workshop was filled with amazing information and opportunity to learn about AATP. I believe in this work and that people will benefit greatly from it. Animals as co-therapists is a beautiful and life altering way to healing!!” - Callie Moore, Holistic Health Practitioner, Golden, CO

“I cannot recommend this training enough. I learned so much about animal assisted therapy, and the ways in which it can help the field of social work. The Barking CAAT is an amazing place!” - Stephanie, Graduate Student, Boulder, CO

“I really enjoyed this experience! It gave me the opportunity to increase my knowledge in this topic by interacting with different animals and having feedback from two experienced specialists like Ellen and Linda.” - Karen S. Jove’, School Psychologist, Puerto Rico

“After over 1,000 CEU hours in the course of my 30 year career, this was one of the best I’ve enjoyed.” - Pam Rudat, Ph.D.

“This training was a complete picture of the fundamentals of AAT. I learned a lot about structuring a program which is essential to doing this well. I’m glad I came.”  - Karen Swanay, MS. Panama City, Florida

“The information you get in this class is fantastic. It was not only a great mix of lecture and resource material, but also a great way to see how AAT works in a clinical setting. You spend lots of time working through treatment and action plans. I suggest it to anyone interested in animals and mental health.” - Candace Bolz, student. Denver, CO

“The training was an invaluable experience! I was challenged to “think outside the box” and apply AAT interventions to clinical issues with my clients. This training has solidified my interest in researching and incorporating AAT in my professional practice. Thank you for this amazing learning opportunity.” - Katye Tuttle, MA, CRC. St. Peterburg, FL