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Cody was at AATPC for about 7 years. We adopted him at age 25 and he lived many good, happy years with us, and helped more clients than we could have ever imagined. He was donated to Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado by his owner. Cody's partner horse had passed away and seemed lonely. His owner thought Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado would be a good place for Cody to interact with other animals and people. He was happy to be here.

Cody was a big boy (especially compared to our mini's!) and was very playful and interactive with clients. He was very gentle with children, yet able to offer a challenge when needed. We worked with Cody on his manners and clients often helped with this process. We received feedback from clients working with Cody that he is an "excellent" therapy horse and provides just the right balance of nurturing and challenge. Cody had arthritis and Cushings, and so was pretty slow, but he was a big cuddler and loved to meet new people. We will miss our big boy. 


We adopted Peanut with Butter in August 2016 - she was about 2 months old at the time. They were both found at a reptile store to be sold as food. 2 of our staff members saw them and saw how much personality they had and adopted them. Peanut has a very unusual color for a rat, she is light brown all over.

Peanut was a very sweet and silly rat. She loves to poke her nose out of her cube at people and peek at what's going on in the room around her. She likes to be held and run around the play room with her friends.

Peanut passed away on April 4, 2019 alongside her best friend and companion Butter and staff whom she loved. 


Butter was adopted with Peanut in August 2016 at about 1 month old. She and Peanut were fast friends and snuggle together during the day and night as though they are siblings. Butter is mostly white with some splotches of grey. She is an active girl and loves to run in mazes and around the castles her friends build for her in the playroom.

Both Peanut and Butter teach people about acceptance and against bias. Many people are uncomfortable with the rat's tails, especially people who have lived in cities where large urban rats have lived. But once they get to know our rats they realize how sweet and personable they are. They are also very smart and love to interact with humans.

Butter passed away on April 4, 2019 alongside her best friend and companion Peanut and staff whom she loved.






Dwight was also believed to be a male when he was rescued at about 5 weeks old from the same reptile store, only to find out later that she's actually a female! Her markings were similar to Oscar, but she had more grey on her face and less on her body than Oscar. She was also about a week older, we believe, as she was the biggest of the 4 rats that we last got. The staff loved to give her snuggles and hear her sweet little bruxing noise as she cleaned herself on the shoulders of staff members. We will miss you Dwight and all the light your brought to those around you. 





Cinnamon was identified as a female from the beginning, so no surprises there! She was by far the snuggliest of the rats, falling asleep in anyone's hands when given head and nose rubs. She is an albino rat, though it may be hard to tell from her photo, identifiable by her red eyes and light colored fur. Though she isn't stark white in color, albino rats can come in various shades of white, such as her very light grey coloring. We are saddened at her loss and thankful for the time we got to spend with her!



We adopted Smoke in his senior years. His birthday is 2/1/2004. Smoke, Oliver and Neville are all FIV positive. We first fostered all three cats from Cat Care Society (CCS) in 2017 but quickly realized how much we and our clients loved them. We subsequently adopted them. Because they are FIV+ all three cats "the boys" live together in our training/group room. 

 Smoke also had kidney disease and was not only on a special prescription diet, but he received fluids every day. The staff took turns doing this daily and despite the discomfort, Smoke was a good sport. He loved to sit on laps, be held and generally get spoiled by everyone. Smoke was also a big talker and had a large cat vocabulary. We enjoyed all his various vocalizations.

In the last months of his life we learned Smoke had pancreatic cancer, which is a very painful illness. We managed his health as best we could to make him happy and comfortable, but when he started losing his mobility and was no longer interested in food we decided to let Smoke go. Smoke passed away on October 22, 2019 with several therapist friends around him to hug and kiss him as he gently fell asleep. Smoke was loved by so many people and has touched so many lives. We will miss him.

Thank You to Smoke's Sponsor Babbette Kemp - since November 2018

DuncanDuncan - pygmy goat

Duncan was born 2/12/2011 and was a male Pygmy goat. Adopted along with Dahlia, Duncan was full of personality. He was also very bright and had learned to sit up for treats, come when he's called, wave and dig. He enjoyed working with children and adults but was a bit more timid (especially around men) than Dahlia and sometimes needed a little time to warm up. 

Each of the therapists at Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado worked with Duncan, often together with Dahlia, and clients enjoyed teaching him new tricks and playing Duncan's favorite game of chase. Duncan was always a bit mischievous and often head butt his sister and the other dogs if no one was looking. Duncan and Dahlia were mates and you could tell Duncan by the 2 horns that were growing askew on his head.

In the weeks before Duncan's passing, his rumen (digestive system stopped) working the way it should, leaving the first chamber of his stomach bloated and unable to pass food through. After emergency surgery, he improved temporarily and returned home to the ranch before beginning to decline again. He lived his last days out at the ranch with plenty of love, extra snacks, and even time inside the office with the staff. When it was clear that Duncan was living in pain, losing interest in food and no longer interacting with others, we decided to let Duncan go. His fun and sweet personality persisted through the end as Duncan charmed the veterinary staff by waving for treats in his final moments. Duncan's goofy and loving spirit has changed countless lives of clients and staff, and he will always be missed.

Neville2Neville - FIV+ cat

Neville's was born on 1/27/2013. He was a very social, friendly cat, and usually greeted any visitors with a roll on the ground, exposing his belly to show how happy he was to see visitors. Neville was the peacemaker in the FIV+ group, wanting nothing more than to be petted, to run around and chase toys or to snuggle in the sunshine with his best friend Oliver. Neville's gentle and social spirit made him a wonderful therapy cat as he would let just about anyone approach and pet him and he always wanted to be a part of the action, from rolling around on top of a card game or snuggling on the couch with a client. 

Neville was taken from us much too soon, just a month before his 8th birthday. Neville had been in good health despite having FIV+ though a few months prior to his passing was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Neville was on medication and a special diet to address this, however his side effects to the medications continued to get worse. After visiting the vet to try out an injection form of the medication to reduce side effects, Neville was brought back to the ranch to rest and recover. Sometime overnight he had an unexpected and fatal reaction to the injections, and passed in the company of his best friends Oliver and Fred. Neville brought an energy to the ranch unlike any other, and is missed by his best friends, staff, clients, and volunteers every day. 


Clementine - cat 

Clementine came to us when she was about 8 years old after she was rescued from a cat hoarder, and we don't know much else about her history beyond that. She lived with Linda while healing from ringworm, and due to the trauma she faced with the cat hoarder she was very scared around people. She exhibited many signs of typical "traumatized" individual, and because of that was brought to the ranch as a mouser. Over time, it became clear that Clementine was in love with humans and wanted to be touched and loved, but was full of ambivalence and fear. 

Over the 10 years she lived and worked at AATPC, Clementine blossomed into a phenomenal therapy cat. Clients connected with her because of her past, her resilience, and the mutually felt reward of Clementine learning to trust humans and accept love. Through patience, trust and kindness she warmed up to human love and became more and more social and outgoing. She and Siggy bonded as siblings, and when Marble was introduced Clementine was accepting and sweet. Clem loved face scratches and snacks and could often be found lounging in the sun.

Clementine was almost 18 years old when she passed, and for the months leading up to that time she became sicker and sicker from a tumor growing in her lungs. When it was time, Clementine told us very clearly that she was ready to go. She passed peacefully at the ranch surrounded by some of the staff with whom she was closest, as well as her best friends Siggy and Marble. The ranch doesn't feel the same without her, and her memory will never be forgotten.

SmoresSmores - guinea pig

Smores was born, along with her brother Rollo, on the first day of Spring, March 20th, 2018. They were a happy (and quick!) surprise! We did not know that Snickers was pregnant when we adopted her - but on that day, within minutes she produced 2 beautiful, fully-formed babies! S'mores was always the most social and friendly of all the piggies, and made a guinea pig "purr" when she was held and pet. S'mores was also the one who made it possible for all of the piggies to live together in the same enclosure, convincing her mom Snickers to warm up to and befriend Rosie and Gloria. S'mores was a wonderful therapy animal because of her energetic and friendly personality. She taught clients what it was to be a supportive and good friend and how to show vulnerability with safe people.

S'mores was almost 3 years old when she passed unexpectedly. She was acting odd and lethargic and so was taken to the vet for an exam to see what was going on. The vet found that S'mores had an impaction in her digestive system, much like what is found in a horse when with colick. She was kept overnight for treatment, but sadly didn't make it through the night. The guinea pig room doesn't feel the same without her and her spirit will always be missed!


We inherited Maggie in 2012 when a family could no longer care for her. While we don't know the exact year of her birth we believe it was around 2009. She had been left in a small, dirty cage outside in the winter for several weeks before she came to us. Maggie calmed down after we adopted her "mate" KC and lived a long life as a happy bunny. Clients noted that she would come up to them to receive pets and scratches. Maggie was an incredibly soft and calming soul. 

Maggie lived in the rabbit room with KC and honorary rabbit Rollo (one of our guinea pigs). She was free to roam and jump on the furniture or hide under the chair. We think her life was greatly improved by living at the Ranch. She made many new friends during her time with us and imparted gentleness and kindness to everyone around her. Maggie will be missed and remembered for how she touched our hearts!


Oscar was rescued from a reptile store along with her four siblings at about 5 weeks old. Initially we were told that Oscar was a male, so the staff voted on some stereotypical male names. Upon meeting with the vet, we concluded that she was actually female! Oscar was too fitting a name for this sweet little rat to change it. Clients enjoyed building and leading her through the mazes and obstacle courses they’ve built and/or holding and snuggling her. 

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