Our Donors

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AATPC could not do the amazing work we do without the generous support of our donors. Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for believing in us and for helping us grow our mission.


Legacy Donors

Recognizing those who have chosen to support AATPC in their wills and estate plans.
Interested in including AATPC in your planning? Contact Becki, rtaylor@aatpc.org, or 720-266-4444 x15.

Linda & Jeff Craddock
Tami & Danny Lucero

Our Animal Sponsors

Animal Sponsor(s) Name Since
Alma, the chicken Brenda Johnson October 2021
Batman, the mini-horse Linda Smith September 2021
Blue, the cat Pella, Colorado's first Courthouse Facility Dog October 2021
Bonnie, the chicken Becki Taylor September 2021
Dahlia, the goat Judy Baker June 2021
Daisy, the donkey Wana Wellness August 2021
Fred, the FIV cat Babette Dicia Kemp January 2021
Gloria, the skinny pig Kim McMichael
William Gollin
June 2020
June 2020
Gus Gus, the rat Kass DiLoreto
Wanna Wellness
August 2021
August 2021
Hagrid, the FIV cat Steven Hugh Parlier Endowment June 2021
Hawk, the horse Kristin Leitel May 2019
K.C., the rabbit Brenda Johnson May 2021
Kronk, the alpaca Raynette Garcia September 2020
Kuzco, the alpaca Wana Wellness August 2021
Lilly, the goat Caitlin Peerson April 2021
Lune, the FIV cat Wana Wellness August 2021
Marble, the cat

Briana Ochiltree
Jessica Price

January 2020
June 2021
Millie, the donkey Wana Wellness August 2021
Miss Raisin, the chicken Jesse Madl October 2021
Misty, the mini-horse Kathryn and Joe Seehusen June 2021
Oliver, the FIV cat Lynn DeJohn February 2019
Oscar, the rat Briana Ochiltree January 2020
Rollo, the guinea pig Veronica Solarz
Brenda Johnson
January 2021
June 2020
Rosie, the skinny pig Linda Chassman
Heidi & Essence Susko
Sable Alexander & Sophia Ferrer
January 2018
October 2019
June 2020

Siggy, the cat Lisa Isom
Rachel Lewis
Barbara Hainer
December 2018
January 2021
February 2021
Snickers, the guinea pig Wana Wellness August 2021
Wally, the goat Janel La Conte May 2021


2020 Colorado Gives Day Honorary Donations



In Honor or Memory of

$102.04 Jackie Brown In honor of Batman, our miniature horse
$51.02 Julie and John Chaney In honor of Jonteray Cain
$102.04 Renee Emeson In honor of Sharon Richardson
$255.10 Doug and Melissa Filter In honor of Family Bermudez
$20.41 Susan Hull In honor of Wayne Hanslip
$51.02 Aaron Lathrop In honor of Michael Lathrop
$25.51 The Oleyniks In honor of Henry Brinser
$255.10 Jena Requist In honor of Robert Schrader
$20.41 Anonymous In honor of VIcki Taylor
$25.51 Aviva Rothschild In honor of Lisha Goldberg
$100.00 Anonymous In honor of Mountain View Elementary School
$36.00 Anonymous In honor of Millicent See
$102.04 Anonymous In honor of Rosie, Gloria, Snickers and S'mores Guinea Pigs
$51.02 Anonymous In honor of Trevor O'Dowd
$25.51 Caree Cassidy In memory of Joyce Bock
$102.04 Ana Britton In memory of Linda Armer
$25.51 MIchelle Jungbauer In memory of Valerie Paget
$40.82 Anonymous In memory of Lily
$51.02 Anonymous In memory of Nick Webb

2020 Colorado Gives Day Donors

A very special thank you for the $6,000 matching dollars provided by an anonymous donor and Hirsh Precision Products. With matching funds, we raised $20,338.64!

Aaron Family

Peggy Cruder

David Hopkins

Dr. Liz O'Rourke

Craig & Karan Tierney

MaryAnn Andrews

Kevin Curtin

Lisa Isom

William Oster

Sue T.

Cheryl Arnold

Lisa Dahl and Lee Salem

Jill L. Jagemann

Russell Owens

James Travis





Mary & Peter Van Laarhoven, Pain to Peace Inc.

Kristin Barnes


Stevie Jones

Bill & Marilyn Plummer

Stephanie & Stewart Vanderwilt

Tanya Beare

Debra Drenth

Melissa Jungbauer

Jill Polanycia

Janie Wald

Kevin Behring

Hali Fieldman, Ph.D.

April Kater

Sarah Quinn

Alyssa Weidman

Liane Bennett

Fitzgerald Family

Scott Kramer

Leslie Ratica

The Wells Family

Kelsey Bishop



Arnold & Linda Reinstein Kaplan



Susette Frausto

Melanie Langer

Ariann Robino

Marcia Williams


Shirley Friend

Patricia Latta



Lynne BradenA

Julia Gatten

John MacKenzie

Diane B Sanders


Leslie Brezina

Jana Gravilla

Jennifer Macy

Bristol Schultz

The Wisler Family

The Browder Family

Steve Greenwald

The Maerz Family

Andrew Shahidi

Bob & Lori Wolfe


Susan G

Scott Magnuson

Jane Shrader

Christine Warnert

Joe & Teresa Burcham

Carol Hack


Paul Stillwell

Dick & Mary Zellner



Matt Marker

Debbie and Tom Spring


Erik Cole


Heinrich Marketing

Brittany Stackhouse


Rachel Comfort


Vickie McFadden

Dave & Karen Stackhouse


The Dames

Therese E. Herzog

Chris Mcfalls-Steger

Cara Stiles


Linda Craddock

Shawn & Kateri Hillis

Mountain Realty & Development Inc.

Lainey Streweler Britt



Bill Hobbs


Debra Talamantez


Susan Crouse

Mike & Colleen Hope

Briana Ochiltree

Elizabeth Talamantez


Thank you for the Ongoing Support from:

MOA Architecture for donating all architectural services for our Capital Campaign from start to finish! 

BrandSavvy for developing our website, helping with all our marketing and media campaigns, our Capital Campaign, advertising and social media accounts

Business Partners & In-Kind Donations & Services

Floor and Decor #117 - Wheat Ridge Sherwin Williams Paint #7295
Lowes Store 2479 - Brighton Sheridan Ace Hardware - Arvada
Morris Flooring  Weaver Carpets
Jim Marvin & Crew Kaizen Food Rescue
Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

 Home Depot - Arvada

Little Eden Plantscaping Arvada Gardeners


Platinum Sponsors ($10,000+)

Gateway Foundation II (2019)

The Life Coach School, in honor of Emily Claver (2020)

Gold Sponsors ($5,000+)

Gardner Grout Foundation (2020)

Schlessman Foundation (2021)

Anonymous Donor (2020)

Silver Sponsors ($1,000+)

Wana Wellness (2021)  Wana Logo

Big Frog, LLC (2020)

Jill Polanycia (2020)

Bill & Marilyn Plummer (2020)

Nellis Family Foundation (2020)

Hirsh Precision Products (2020)

Giftd (2020)

Adams County Mini Grants (2020)

Barking C.A.A.T. Ranch
(Center for Animal Assisted Therapy)
7275 Kipling Street
Arvada, CO 80005
P 720-266-4444
F 720-266-4444

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