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AATPC could not do the amazing work we do without the generous support of our donors. Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for believing in us and for helping us grow our mission.


Legacy Donors

Recognizing those who have chosen to support AATPC in their wills and estate plans.
Interested in including AATPC in your planning? Contact Becki, rtaylor@aatpc.org, or 720-266-4444 x15.

Linda & Jeff Craddock
Tami & Danny Lucero

Our Animal Sponsors

Animal Sponsor(s) Name Since
Alma, the chicken Brenda Johnson October 2021
Batman, the mini-horse Linda Smith September 2021
Blue, the cat Pella, Colorado's first Courthouse Facility Dog October 2021
Bonnie, the chicken Becki Taylor September 2021
Chickpea, the chicken Briana Ochiltree April 2020
Daisy, the donkey Wana Wellness August 2021
Fred, the FIV cat Babette Dicia Kemp January 2021
Gloria, the skinny pig William Gollin June 2020
Hagrid, the FIV cat Steven Hugh Parlier Endowment June 2021
Hawk, the horse Kristin Leitel
Christy Brown
May 2019
April 2022
K.C., the rabbit Brenda Johnson May 2021
Kronk, the alpaca Raynette Garcia
Aaron & Chelsea Kettering
September 2020
May 2022
Kuzco, the alpaca Wana Wellness August 2021
Lilly, the goat Caitlin Peerson April 2021
Lune, the FIV cat Wana Wellness August 2021
Marble, the cat

Briana Ochiltree

January 2020
Millie, the donkey Wana Wellness August 2021
Miss Raisin, the chicken Jesse Madl October 2021
Misty, the mini-horse Kathryn and Joe Seehusen June 2021
Oliver, the FIV cat Lynn DeJohn February 2019
Rollo, the guinea pig Brenda Johnson June 2020
Rosie, the skinny pig Linda Chassman
Heidi & Essence Susko
Sable Alexander & Sophia Ferrer
January 2018
October 2019
June 2020

Siggy, the cat Lisa Isom
Barbara Hainer
December 2018
February 2021
Snickers, the guinea pig Wana Wellness
Briana Ochiltree
August 2021
November 2021
Sugar, the rabbit Beverly Wu May 2022
Wally, the goat Janel La Conte May 2021

Platinum Sponsors ($10,000+)

Rogue Architecture (2022)

Gold Sponsors ($5,000+)

Wana Foundation (2022)

Boeing Employees Community Fund (2022)

The Christian Foundation (2021)

Gardner Grout Foundation (2020)

Schlessman Foundation (2021)

Anonymous Donor (2020)

Silver Sponsors ($1,000+)

Wana Wellness (2021)  Wana Logo

Big Frog, LLC (2020)

Jill Polanycia (2020)

Bill & Marilyn Plummer (2020)

Nellis Family Foundation (2020)

Hirsh Precision Products (2020)

Giftd (2020)

Adams County Mini Grants (2020)

Business Partners & In-Kind Donations & Services

Jim's Heroes

Little Eden Plantscapes

2021 Colorado Gives Day Honorary Donations


In Honor or Memory of

Richard & Dee O'Neill In honor of Emily & Jeff Neulieb
Ellen Winston In honor of Sasha
Michelle Jungbauer In honor of Valerie Paget
Kista Brunkhorst In honor of Hannah W
Anonymous In honor of Henry Brinser
Lindsey Chadwick In honor of Bud and Joyce Cook
April Hoffman In honor of Hannah's birthday
Melissa Filter In honor of Michael Flack
Patricia Seno In honor of Erin Peterson who gives her heart to what she does
Jan Pruitt In honor of The Hangout Festival
Ester Kelen In honor of Esther Nio
Stephen Johnson Memorial Fund In memory of Mary Dallas Hetherington
Jena Requist In memory of Colleen Requist
Leah Browder In memory of Little Remy
Tracey Pierce In memory of June and Max
Wendy Brown In memory of Rose Durocher
Georgia Brown In memory of Rose Durocher
Karen Brasselero In memory of Freeda
Caree Cassidy In memory of Joyce Bock
Michelle Jungbauer In memory of Valerie Paget
Susan Kaplan In memory of Frenchie and Homer
James E Hetherington In memory of all the pets known and unknown.
Matt Marker In memory of Stanley Marker


2021 Colorado Gives Day Donors

Thanks to your generosity, we raised over $24,000 for Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado!

MaryAnn Andrews

Tiffany Cardenas

Margaret Gaffney

Brenda Johnson

Andressa Marlan

Arnold and Linda
Reinstein Kaplan

Chuck Taylor

John Arman

Caree Cassidy

Janet Gallup

Sue Joseph

Laryssa Matvichuk

Jena Requist 

Don and Eileen

Cheryl Arnold

Lindsey Chadwick

Julia Gatten

Michelle Jungbauer

Cara McCallister

Martha Ridgway

Annarosa Tomasi

Nanci Asmus

Ira David Chadwick

Lesley Hetherington

Barbara Kane

Kathleen & Jeff McCrone

Jenna Robbert 

James Travis

Adrienne Auerbach

Kyle Chadwick

Jana Gravilla

Susan Kaplan

Vickie McFadden

Barbara Robbins 


Lex Baca

Greg Christensen

Silke Grimm

April Kater

MOD Properties

Leigh Roberts 

Laura Vetos

Sarah Bailey

Kelli Cote

Susan Grinnell

Ester Kelen

Mary Murphy

Kenneth Roberts 

Christine Warnert

Ashley Bailey

Linda Craddock

Carol Hack

Aaron Kendrick

Bonnie Nathanson

Pamela Rodgers 

Susan Wass

Beth Pierce Baker

Leonore Crews

Winn Halverhout

Chelsea Kettering

Kris Nelson

Aviva Rothschild 

Deborah Webb

Elizabeth C Basile

Amanda Crocker

Cole Hansen

Ethan Kirkwood

Modanna Newman

 Heather Rule

Lisa and Dan

Paula Belknap

Susan Crouse

Paul J Harenberg

Karoline Lambert

Candace Nolan

 David Ruskin

Alyssa Weidman

Toby V Bell

Lisa Dahl and
Lee Salem


Melanie Langer

Jose Nunez

 Jenn Sanchez

Joshua Wendler

Wendy Bigelson

Linda Davis

Lynn Harrison

Cheryl Larkin

Briana Ochiltree


Darlene Wertin

Kelsey Bishop

Laurie Davis

Carla Herman

Bridget Lathrop


Samantha Schreiner 


Alana Bissonnette


Therese E. Herzog


Richard & Dee O'Neill

Patricia Seno 

Marcia Williams


Mark S Dorn

James E Hetherington

Michaela Lathrop Miller

Tana Orman

Melissa Smith 

Mary Wilmot

Karen Brasselero


Lesley and Dallas

Patricia Latta

 M E O'Rourke

Suzanne Smith

Ellen Winston

Judy S. Brehmer

Debra Drenth

Kateri Hillis

Marcy Libeer

 William Oster

Dror Sneh 

Robyn Wisler

Leah Browder

Rita Dukes

William Hobbs

Jill Lichon

Russell Owens 

Sherin Spofford 

Lori Wolfe 

Wendy Brown

Cliff Durlacher

April Hoffman

Pamela Lockwood

Sylvia Owens 

 Deborah Spring

 Michael Worth

Georgia Brown

Jordan Eisel

Allie Hoffman

Elyse Lombardi

Mary Owens 

Karen Stackhouse 

Patricia L Zeggert 

Kista Brunkhorst

Janice L Ellis

Colleen Hope

Cynthia Lujan

Nalan Ozisik 

Brittany Stackhouse 

 Mary Zellner

Chelsey Burns

Renee Emeson

John Hornbostel

Arlene M Macdonald

 Terri Peterson

 Gary Stiefler

 Patricia Zishka


DeAnna Falbo 

 Lisa Isom

John MacKenzie 

 Tracey Pierce

Essential Investment
Partners LLC 


Interlocked, LLC

Melissa Filter

Jill Jagemann 

Jennifer Macy 

Bill Plummer 

Afsaneh Taheri 

Tri-County Auto Recovery 

Linda Cain

Chris Fisher

Jerry Jimenez 

 Scott Magnuson

Jill Polanycia 

 Elizabeth Taintor


Michelle Campbell

Shirley Friend 

Stephen Johnson
Memorial Fund 

Trish Manns 

 Jan Pruitt

Vicki Taylor 


Katelyn Cappello

Jessica Fox
Premier Surgeons 

 Joy Johnson

Matt Marker 

 Sarah Quinn

 Becki Taylor


Barking C.A.A.T. Ranch
(Center for Animal Assisted Therapy)
7275 Kipling Street
Arvada, CO 80005
P 720-266-4444
F 720-266-4444

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