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Administrative Staff

Mazey and Linda

Linda Chassman Craddock, Ph.D., LMFT, CAAP

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Linda Chassman is a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist in Colorado and California and has been working with clients since 1986. Before starting AATPC, she had a successful private practice for over 20 years as well as directing several agencies treating severe trauma and chemical addiction.

Dr. Chassman (Dr. Linda) is also an educator, having taught at California State University at Fullerton and CU Denver for 14 years, and consulted to residential treatment programs throughout the U.S. She and her first animal partner, Norman, provided animal assisted therapy for more than 15 years with a variety of clients, including children, adolescents, adults and couples. Dr. Chassman opened Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado with the inspiration and assistance of Mazey, her former feral kitten that she raised after Mazey and her siblings were found outside in freezing weather. Sadly, Mazey passed away at only 17 months, but made a strong impact on those she helped.

In addition to holding a Doctoral degree in Counseling, and a Master's Degree in Clinical/Community Psychology, Dr. Chassman has advanced certificates in: Animal Assisted Psychotherapy, Animals and Human Health: Animal Assisted Therapy Activities & Learning, Treatment of Child Abuse, & Treatment of Adult Children of Alcoholics. She and Rupert have been Certified as a therapy team from Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado since 2011. She has lectured around the world and has several professional publications to her credit.

In her private life Dr. Chassman is married with two children and several adopted animals. She volunteers weekly socializing challenging cats at Cat Care Society. in Lakewood, CO.

Curriculum Vitae

EllenandSashawithframe2012aEllen K. Winston, M.A., LPC, NCC, CAAP

Co-Founder and Training Director

Ellen received her Master’s Degree in Counseling and a Certificate in Animals and Human Health from the University of Denver. She and her dog Sasha have also received certification as a therapy team through Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC), Ellen has been working in the counseling field for over nine years. She has experience in a variety of settings, including residential treatment for adolescents, substance abuse treatment for adults, K-8 schools, Head Start Centers, and home-based individual and family therapy settings. Working with Sasha and the other Ranch animals, Ellen provided Animal Assisted Psychotherapy to children and families who were struggling with attachment issues, grief and loss, abuse and neglect, mood disorders, social/emotional issues, and behavioral concerns.

Ms. Winston continues to support the program remotely as the Training Director. She was instrumental in gaining non-profit status for Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado and continues to assist the program by managing inter-agency communication, conducting grant-writing, co-facilitating all Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado training courses, and managing the Certificate Program.

becki1Becki Taylor

Development Director

Becki joined the AATPC team in January 2020 as Development Director. Becki earned her degree in Music Education from Colorado Christian University. She previously taught elementary school music and was the Associate Director of Denver Brass. Additionally, she leads a children's choir as Minister of Music for Children and Youth at Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church. 
Becki has a Bernedoodle named Otis and a Quaker Parrot named Rudy. Most weekends you can find her and her dog hiking the trails or camping all around the state of Colorado.  She is a Colorado native with a passion for animals, music and the outdoors.

IMG 8688Melissa Jungbauer

Ranch Manager and AATPC Caretaker

Melissa is a Colorado Native and loved horses since she was a child. She got her first horse in 2010 and her current horse Tunka in 2015. She is also a professional photographer and traded photography sessions for lessons on horsemanship and horse training. Melissa uses mostly Natural Horsemanship techniques, which works with the horse by inviting them to arrive at solutions as part of a team.

Melissa will be living on-site with her partner, Jake and her dog Maple. She is very excited to embark on this adventure as part of AATPC’s team and is getting to know how to care and look after all the Ranch’s animals as well as the grounds. She will be a familiar face here at AATPC so please say hello!



Lexie Baca

Administrative Assistant

Lexie Baca is a college student who is working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and who will be graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in the summer of 2017. From there, she aspires to enroll into a psychotherapy graduate program.

She has spent the last four years for West Ridge Animal Hospital and with Sirius Fun Doggy Daycare as the lead animal caretaker. Her love for animals started at an early age. However, working as an animal caretaker has provided her the opportunity to experience the mental health benefits of working with animals first hand.

She is very passionate about what she does and her aspirations in psychotherapy. She is currently the summer undergrad intern for Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado.

Alyssa Weidman, MA, LPC, NCC, CAS

Internship Supervisor & Communications Director, Licensed Professional Counselor

Alyssa is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor. She graduated in May 2017 with a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Northern Colorado's Denver campus. She joined AATPC as a volunteer in the spring of 2016 and worked as a graduate-level intern for a year while completing her degree. Alyssa is a Certified Autism Specialist and an Integrated Listening Systems provider, and has also completed her certification in Trauma-Focused CBT. She specializes in working with clients of all ages and abilities, particularly those on the Autism Spectrum and trauma survivors. 

Alyssa has always loved working with people and animals and was ecstatic to learn that something like animal-assisted therapy existed, knowing immediately she had found her passion. Alyssa takes a holistic and eclectic approach to therapy, believing that all of us are capable of overcoming our existential anxiety and developing the self-awareness needed to explore our unique identity within the context of relationships. 

She adores her cats named Dexter and Layla and grew up with a rabbit and two dogs. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys snowboarding, running, reading, painting and sketching, gardening and spending time with her friends and family. 


Clinical Staff

lindsey 000

 Lindsey Chadwick, MA. NCC, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Lindsey has been with Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado since 2016.  She is a National Certified Counselor and is licensed in Colorado as a Professional Counselor. Lindsey works Part Time at AATPC..

Lindsey works with her dog partners Woody and Mable.. Lindsey is certified with both dogs through Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado. Lindsey has a lot of experience working with children and teenagers, and specializes in working with families dealing with addiction.

Julie Maerz, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Julie Maerz joined AATPC as an intern in August 2015 and was hired on as staff in September 2016. She received her Master’s Degree in Counseling from University of Colorado Denver. Julie has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northern Michigan University and also a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from University of Colorado Denver. Julie previously worked as a personnel analyst for the City of Denver and Denver Department of Human Services. She is passionate about the healing qualities of exercise, nature and animals and believes in a holistic and multifaceted approach to counseling. Julie was a cross-country coach and a fitness instructor and has been active all of her life.

Julie includes a variety of animals in herwork with clients of all ages, couples and families. Julie believes that people want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives and cultivate what is best about themselves in order to enhance their experiences of love, work, play and relationships. Julie is certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy and has training in Synergetic Play Therapy (SPT) and is pursuing certification in SPT as well as Animal Assisted Therapy through AATPC.

Maura Hall, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Maura joined AATPC in September 2016 as a graduate level clinical intern. She finished her Master's in Social Work at the University of Denver in 2017 and is Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Maura is a certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapist and has received advanced training in using EMDR to work with substance abuse disorders and complex trauma. She has experience working with a variety of populations including youth of all ages as well as adults. 

EMDR is an integrative psychotherapy approach widely researched and proven to be effective for various issues such as panic disorders, sexual and physical abuse, performance anxiety, disturbing memories, phobias, pain disorders, stress reduction, addictions and much more. Maura has experienced its success in reducing PTSD symptoms in formerly treatment-resistant clients, overcoming addictive triggers, healing traumas caused by disturbing life experiences, increasing emotional resilience and confidence, building healthy relationships, and helping clients resume productive lives.

Maura’s background as a licensed clinical social worker has taught her to view people from a multi-systemic perspective, meaning race, gender, cultural beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc. all play a role in how we develop and interact within the world. She prides herself on staying on top of her field, from reading new studies on neuroscience and mental health to exploring new conceptions of trauma models and how to apply these theories into her work.

Maura grew up around animals and gave horseback riding lessons for several years in rural Colorado where she grew up. She believes in the therapeutic power of partnering with
animals to achieve positive change for clients. When she isn’t hiking with her two dogs, she enjoys playing music, reading anything she can get her hands on, or trying to sneak in a kickboxing class.

KatieKatie Keotunian

Registered Psychotherapist

Katie first joined AATPC in the Spring of 2017 as a volunteer and shortly after started working as a Masters Level Intern. After she received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado in Spring of 2018, Katie was hired on as staff at AATPC. Katie is a Registered Psychotherapist, Level I Gottman Therapist, and member of Chi Sigma Iota (the Honors Society for Counselors). Katie is passionate about integrating animals in her work with a variety of clients including individuals, couples, and families. Prior to counseling, Katie was a nanny for 6 years and enjoys working with children and their parents.

Katie is a Colorado native and completed her undergraduate degree at Metropolitan State University of Denver, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In her free time, Katie loves to spend time with her family, including her husband and son, and their three dogs and rabbit.


MikeMike Lathrop

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Mike was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and has lived in beautiful Denver, Colorado since he was 5 years old. Mike majored in Psychology and minored in Philosophy during his undergraduate. He loves to explore how people construct the world around them. He is currently finishing up his Master’s at the University of Colorado Denver.

Mike has always had an interest in animals but only recently discovered that the therapeutic abilities of animals were being incorporated into therapy. Mike is excited by the opportunity to work at Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado and work with animals to help people work past the temporary difficulties that they are experiencing.

Mike has furry and feathered friends at home, 2 dogs and 2 birds, which are part of his family. He believes that animals have unique personalities and can contribute a calming presence in and outside of therapy. He loves the outdoors, hiking and traveling the world, whether it is doing a sunrise hike on Mt. Fuji, bog jumping in Ireland, or enjoying great German food by the Elbe, Mike has a great desire to explore.


Caitlin.jpgCaitlin Zoghby, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counseling Candidate

Caitlin started as a masters level intern at AATPC in January 2019 and was hired as a professional counseling staff member in October 2019.Caitlin completed her degree of her Master of Arts in Couples and Family Counseling at the University of Colorado Denver. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Social and Economic Justice.

Caitlin views the world through a systemic lens, viewing people not just on an individual level, but also as part of a system interacting with other people and functioning within relationships. Caitlin comes from a background of working in animal care with birds of prey and large cats, and has always had a passion for animal welfare. She is excited about working with the animals at AATPC and being able to incorporate their healing abilities in sessions with clients.

While she is still adjusting to the snow, Caitlin enjoys being outside and connecting with nature through biking, hiking, and playing with her dog Gizmo and cat Pirate. She also loves spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring new places to eat!

IMG 5528

Kailey Mulvihill, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

Kailey originally joined the AATPC community as a volunteer in 2018 helping to take care of all the animals here but she transitioned to her new role as a professional counselor in 2020. Kailey received her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Regis University in December 2019. Kailey attended Bates College in Maine for her undergraduate degree where she studied biology. Additionally, Kailey has her Masters of Arts degree in Education and Human Development from the University of Colorado Denver and worked as an elementary science teacher previously. 

Kailey’s love of the outdoors and of animals started at a very young age and has continued to grow throughout her life. Kailey grew up in a rural town and owned horses, pigs, cats, dogs, and a variety of other small animals and loves getting to work with all the great animals at AATPC! Today, Kailey’s favorite activities include camping, hiking, and playing with her dogs. Kailey and her partner have three dogs, Nala, Cooper, and Vinny, who are all a big part of their family. Kailey finds immense comfort and support in being with and caring for her three dogs and looks forward to sharing this with her clients. When she’s not with her dogs, Kailey enjoys skiing, being crafty, cooking, doing puzzles, and visiting her family and friends. 

20190916 134842Anna Miller, MSW, CSWC, AASW, NLC

Clinical Social Work Candidate, Veterinary Counseling Coordinator

Anna is a Clinical Social Work Candidate for the state of Colorado currently pursuing licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As well as an individual therapist, Anna is also the coordinator of AATPC's Veterinary Counseling program that partners with Colorado veterinary hospitals to provide therapy services for animal care workers who experience trauma in their careers.

A recent graduate of the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work and Animal Assisted Social Work program, Anna believes deeply in the healing power of animals and nature in the lives of all living beings. Together with her furry therapy partner, Bandit, Anna has been with Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado since August 2019.

Anna emphasizes a Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral approach, believing an understanding of the body, brain, and emotions are essential to the therapeutic process. As a social worker, she operates on a multi-systemic level that acknowledges a person's gender, sexual orientation, culture, race, socioeconomic status, etc. as intersecting pieces that can change their experience in the world.

Anna earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2017, serving as a research assistant in the field of animal abuse and associated criminal behavior, in what she calls the "dark side of the human-animal bond". This experience instilled a passion for animal-assisted interventions, ethical care of all living beings, and veterinary social work. Her previous position as a Case Manager working with families and adolescents experiencing homelessness and trauma has clarified her desire to work primarily with teenagers and animal care workers.

When not spending free time with the animals on the grounds of AATPC, Anna can be found with her nose in a book, surrounded by her ever-growing hoard of dogs, or at the table at the weekly board game night's hosted in her home.


amandakellerAmanda Keller

Masters Level Marriage and Family Therapy Intern

Amanda joined the Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado in January of 2020 as a graduate level intern. She will complete her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in December of 2020 from Regis University. Amanda not only seeks to understand people on an individual level, but how they function within relationships and as part of a larger system. It is her professional opinion that therapy is most effective when all members of the family system participate as opposed to just a single individual.

Amanda is currently pursuing her certification in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy through the AATPC. Amanda has always been passionate about animals and has come to truly appreciate how the human-animal relationship can be an instrumental part of the clinical treatment process. She is taking steps to get her dog, Sparkelbutt, certified as a therapy animal so they can work together as a co-therapy team.

Amanda completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Evansville, with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Social Work. During this time, she spent a semester overseas traveling to different countries and experiencing the local cultures. As of this point in time, Amanda has been to all 50 states in the USA and 13 different countries. 

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys playing softball, mud volleyball, working on her truck, or finding new projects to do around the house. She also enjoys curling up on the sofa with her fiancé, Sparkelbutt, and her cat (Mr. Blingers) to watch the latest superhero movie. Her ferret, Princess Foo Foo, is also a prime source of entertainment.

CrystalCrystal Robertson

Masters Level Marriage and Family Intern

Crystal is currently in her final year at Regis University in the Marriage and Family therapy program. She is currently working on the animal-assisted therapy certificate and registration for psychotherapy. She emphasizes in an experiential approach where she encourages clients to identify hidden or subconscious issues through activities such as role play, guided imagery, animal therapy, sand try, and a range of other active experiences. She loves animals and has just adopted an American bulldog. She hopes to train and certify her baby dog to become the co-therapy dog she knows she can be.


20170930 101531 Original 1Rachel Mondragon

Masters Level Counseling Intern

Rachel is a Colorado native who is currently working towards her Masters in Counseling degree at Regis University. She is also currently pursuing her certification in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy through AATPC. Prior to this, she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Over the last nine years, she has worked in a mental health setting helping at risk youth and their families cope with difficulties that they are experiencing  due to complex trauma, PTSD, addiction, anxiety, depression, attachment disorders, and TBI’s.  

Rachel is passionate about helping others navigate through difficult obstacles that are occurring in their lives. She understands that each individual has their own unique, personal and cultural experience which is why she integrates a range of therapeutic techniques to meet their specific needs.

She has always had a love for all animals and is excited to incorporate this passion into her therapeutic process. In her down time, Rachel enjoys painting, photography, puzzles, and most of all, playing with her Old English Sheepdog, Sullivan.

7719898096 IMG 4293Elizabeth Worth

Masters Level Counseling Intern

Elizabeth is currently finishing her last year as a MAC student at Regis University. She is originally from New Jersey and moved to Colorado 4 years ago after completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Southern New Hampshire University. After interning at an Equine Therapy Center, Elizabeth realized her passion for working with animals in a therapeutic setting.

Elizabeth has also had a passion for helping others and has been an active volunteer and supporter of Round-Up River Ranch for 4 years, a camp for children suffering from ongoing illnesses. Elizabeth has also had experiences helping underserved immigrant populations as well at risk youth and families.

Elizabeth loves to incorporate creativity into more traditional approaches to therapy, to help clients feel excited about therapy. She takes a holistic approach to healing and understands that each person brings their own uniqueness to therapy, which is why Elizabeth uses different
therapeutic techniques, so that the individual needs of the client can be met.

Elizabeth has her own fluffy fur baby at home, a kitty named Jade and enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, and going to concerts in her free time.

ErinPetersonErin Peterson

Masters Level Counseling Intern

Erin joined AATPC in January 2020 as a volunteer and then as an intern in August of 2020. Erin is currently in her final year at Regis University working towards her Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling. Simultaneously, Erin is currently pursuing her certification in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy through AATPC and her Play Therapy certificate through Regis University. 

Erin is passionate about the healing qualities of physical movement, nature and animals, and thus engages in the therapeutic relationship in a holistic and multifaceted manner. Whether through animals, play, physical movement, traditional talk modalities, or even virtual sessions, Erin approaches her work with a humanistic-integrative lens fueled with a heavy dose of creativity. Erin has experience working with eating disorders, body image, and body dysmorphia as evidenced by her experience facilitating groups at the Eating Disorder Foundation of Denver. Erin is also a licensed personal trainer and fitness coach, thus uses her knowledge of the body to inform her work.

Originally from Knoxville, TN, Erin grew up loving and caring for a plethora of animals such as dogs, horses, cats, and rabbits. She has had a deep love for and appreciation of animals from a very young age. In her down time, Erin loves spending time with her partner, traveling, hiking, biking, working out, practicing yoga, paddle boarding, reading, baking, taking care of her plants, and of course, spending time with her four furkids. Erin and her husband currently have one dog (Marley) and three cats (Squirrel, Knoxville, and Captain). Erin believes wholeheartedly in the healing nature of human-animal connection and is currently working on getting Marley trained/certified to be a therapy dog.

LisaCaspariLisa Caspari

Masters Level Social Work Intern

Lisa Caspari is an MSW student at the University of Denver where she studies mental health and animal- assisted social work. Lisa earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Hampshire College where she personalized her curriculum around psychology and animal behavior. Lisa went on to facilitate animal- assisted interventions with children experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral challenges at the Green Chimneys School. Lisa believes that interacting with animals can teach us important lessons about effective communication, patience, consent, and flexibility.

Her experience with animals ranges from raising pets, to socializing shelter dogs, caring for farm animals, and training psychiatric service dogs. Lisa is a proud cat- mom to Roo, who loves early morning snuggles, making odd noises, climbing, and acting possessed in the middle of the night.

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