Publications and Recommended Reading

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ACA Animal Assisted Therapy-Counseling Competencies  :Based on the findings of a Qualitative Investigation of the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes Required of Competent Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioners, Authors Leslie A. Stewart Catherine Y. Chang Lindy K. Parker Natalie Grubbs. Major Contributors Amy Johnson Laura Bruneau

Working Like a Dog: Legal Considerations for "Therapy Dogs" , Ann Tran-Lien, JD. The Therapist; September/October 2017


AATPC Publications

Winston, E.K. (2015). Animal assisted psychotherapy in the healing of childhood depression. In S.L. Brooke & C.E. Myers (Eds.), The use of creative therapies in treating depression (291-309). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Ltd.

Winston, E.K. (2015). Animal assisted psychotherapy for grief and loss with children and adolescents. In S.L. Brooke & D.A. Miraglia Myers (Eds.), Using the creative therapies to cope with grief and loss (373-391). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Ltd.


Recommended Reading

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