Colorado Gives Day

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Mark your calendar and don't forget to donate on December 8th.
Beginning November 1st, you can schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation in advance.

NEW THIS YEAR: An anonymous donor has agreed to match the first $5,000 raised this Colorado Gives Day on December 8th, 2020. This year, your donation will have twice the impact!

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Why We Are Participating?

2020 was a year unlike anything we have experienced. 

At AATPC we felt it too – we understand. Our doors closed, we cancelled events, and we lost some of our most critical streams of income. We lost clients, we gained clients, we lost animals, and we adopted animals.  Let’s be honest: It was not easy, it was difficult - really difficult. But something beautiful happened. Our community and our donor family rallied, in the midst of their own struggles and difficulties, and they found a way to support us too. For that we are deeply thankful and honored. You are our inspiration. The generosity of our community and donor family compels us to continue to do what we do, and to do even better next year.


So here we are. What does 2021 mean to us at AATPC? We commit to you that we devote 2021 to do more and to be more. We are shooting for the stars and we want you to take this journey with us. We are calling it 2021: Onwards and Upwards.

We will always need the support of our donor family and our community to accomplish our mission, regardless of how many clients we serve or how we might grow. The nature of being a non-profit is that we need others to believe in our mission as much as we do and make a donation to support it. Without your support we cannot survive. 

  • We need the people who believe that mental health is important to donate.
  • We need the people who believe that animal assisted psychotherapy is important to donate. 
  • We need people who believe mental health treatment should be available for everyone, regardless of insurance or income to donate. 
  • We need people who believe that ‘rescued animals can rescue people’ to donate. 

We know things are going to get better.  With your help, brighter days indeed lay ahead, and we want you to join us on this journey. Support our mission and make a donation today.

How You Can Help?

Donate today through ColoradoGives.

How to Donate?

  1. Click the below "Donate Now" button
  2. Add your donation amount.
  3. Complete the other fields and click "add to cart".
  4. Check out by logging in or creating a donor account, entering your payment information, and then submit.
  5. Share your support on social media, using the hashtag #COGivesDay!
  6. Thank you!

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