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Sponsor a Medium-sized Animal (cats)

$300 (1-time annual or $25 each month)

Your contribution covers the cost of your cat's annual visit to the vet as well as their feed, litter and medical needs.


  • Beautiful 8x10 photo of your adopted cat
  • Animal Adoption Certificate including your cat's story
  • Listine on the AATPC website as part of the Medium Animal Adoptive Family
  • Feature in one AATPC Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Monthly email of your cat's therapy contribution to clients

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ClementineWe don't know a lot about Clementine's background, other than she was taken from a cat hoarder's home and ended up at Intermountain Humane Society (IMHS). Linda fostered her because she had Ringworm and fell in love with her, even though she was very shy. Clementine is still cautious around people. In many ways Clementine exhibits symptoms of PTSD, and even though she will let people pet her, she is very particular, and still shows a great deal of anxiety.

Clementine is clearly in love with humans and wants very much to be touched and loved, but we still see her ambivalence and fear. She is a very good therapy animal for our clients who have experienced trauma since you can see Clementine working very hard to overcome her fear and learn to trust humans. You can normally find Clementine in the staff's office sitting on her bed in front of the window.

Thank You to Clementine's Sponsors

Barbara Hainer since July 2020


Oliver was born around September 2014. He was found as a feral cat in Denver and often seen wandering across busy streets. He frequented a women's home where she had other cats and gave him food. He was eventually trapped and brought to the Cat Care Society. Upon testing Oliver was found to be FIV positive.

When Linda first met Oliver he was living in a room at CCS with Smoke. While very timid, she was making progress in petting him and getting him to feel safe with human touch. Several of our clients have been able to pet him and help him purr. Because of this Oliver is a wonderful therapy cat. 

Thank You to Oliver's Sponsors

Lynn DeJohn - since February 2019

Dr SigmundSigmund was born in February 2015. He was found wandering around Evans Boulevard in Denver with a lame front leg. He was taken to Cat Care Society in Lakewood where they realized they could not repair his leg (it had either been broken some time earlier or he was born with the deformity) and decided to amputate. Linda met Sigmund the day after his surgery and quickly fell in love. Even after just losing his limb, he was playful and loving. He loved being picked up and would snuggle and be held like a baby.

Linda realized how much Sigmund would love to be at the ranch and how much the staff and clients would love him.  Sigmund is now the unofficial greeter at the Ranch. He can often be found snuggling on a client who just walked in (especially the new clients) or on the chest of a napping parent. He is a role model for all of us in how to overcome adversity. Despite only having 3 legs, Sigmund is playful, happy and fast! He loves to try to dash outside when possible but doesn't protest when brought back inside.

Thank you to Sigmund's Sponsors

Lisa Isom - since November 2018

Doug Maben - since November 2018

Rachel Lewis - since January 2021

Barbara Hainer - since February 2021

FredWhile this may not be the most flattering photo of Fred, it does give you a good idea of his personality! Fred is a talker! He is incredibly social, walks with clients on a leash and will tell you his life story. We adopted Fred from the Denver Dumb Friends League after his family relinquished him because he was an escape artist and they couldn’t keep him safe. Fred also is FIV positive like 3 of our other boys, so they all live together.  

Thank You to Fred's Sponsors

Babette Dicia Kemp since January 2021

IMG 9497 2Marble was born in April 2019 and came to us as a 4 week old kitten with a group of other foster kittens from Cat Care Society in Lakewood, CO. She had been rescued with around 45 other kittens from Kansas after a round of terrible storms that left the town flooded and abandoned. Marble quickly became a favorite at AATPC with her playful personality and love of attention, and proved to be a great therapy cat. The staff and clients just couldn't let her go, and we made the decision to adopt her from Cat Care Society in August 2019. We love her kitten energy and can't wait to watch her grow up!

Thank you to Marble's Sponsor

Briana Ochiltree

Since January 2020


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