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Our Donors

Current Donors
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AATPC could not do the amazing work we do without the generous support of our donors. Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for believing in us and for helping us grow our mission.

Legacy Donors

Recognizing those who have chosen to support AATPC in their wills and estate plans. Interested in including AATPC in your planning? Contact Becki,, or 720-266-4444 x150


Linda & Jeff Craddock
Tami & Danny Lucero

Our Animal Sponsors

Alma, the chicken| Brenda Johnson since October 2021

Blue, the cat | Pella, Colorado's first Courthouse Facility Do since  October 2021

Bonnie, the chicken | Becki Taylor since September 2021

Chickpea, the chicken | Wana Brands Foundation since August 2022

Daisy, the donkey |  Wana Brands Foundation since August 2021

Dahlia, the goat |  Wana Brands Foundation since August 2022

Fred, the FIV cat |  Babette Dicia Kemp since January 2021

Gloria, the skinny pig |  William Gollin since June 2020

Hagrid, the FIV cat |  Steven Hugh Parlier Endowment since June 2021

Hawk, the horse |  Kristin Leitel since May 2019 & Christy Brown since April 2022

Kronk, the alpaca | Raynette Garcia since September 2020 & Aaron & Chelsea Kettering since May 2022

Kuzco, the alpaca | Wana Brands Foundation since August 2021

Lilly, the goat | Caitlin Peerson since April 2021

Lune, the FIV cat | Wana Brands Foundation since August 2021

Marble, the cat | Briana Ochiltree since January 2020

Millie, the donkey | Wana Brands Foundation since August 2021

Miss Raisin, the chicken | Jesse Mad since lOctober 2021

Misty, the mini horse | Caitlin Darwin since August 2022

Rollo, the guinea pig | Brenda Johnson since June 2020

Rosie, the skinny pig | Linda Chassman since January 2018 & Heidi & Essence Susko since October 2019 & Sable Alexander & Sophia Ferrer June 2020
Siggy, the cat | Lisa Isom since December 2018 & Barbara Hainer since February 2021

Snickers, the guinea pig | Wana Brands Foundation since August 2021 & Briana Ochiltree since November 2021

Sugar, the rabbit | Beverly Wu since May 2022,  Briana Ochiltree since July 2022, Asya Kosolap since January 2023

Xena, the chicken | Wana Brands Foundation since August 2022

Community Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors ($10,000+)

Rogue Architecture (2022)

Wana Brands Foundation (2022)

Gold Sponsors ($5,000+)

Boeing Employees Community Fund (2022)

The Christian Foundation (2021)

Gardner Grout Foundation (2020)

Schlessman Foundation (2021)

Anonymous Donor (2020)

Silver Sponsors ($1,000+)

Umba (2022)

Business Partners & In-Kind Donations & Services

Jim's Heroes

Little Eden Plantscapes

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