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Compost Fundraiser

Take home a bag of our compost and help support a good cause! Suggested donation amount is $10 for one 35lb bag. This is **it Compost is mixed alpaca and horse manure that's been properly prepared and is ready for you to add to your garden.

Our goal: To raise $1,000 to support animal care.

How This Fundraiser Works...

  1. Click the button above or follow this link to donate and claim the number of bags you would like. Bags are packed with approximately 35lbs of compost.

  2. Pick up your bags at Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado Barking C.A.A.T. Ranch any day of the week before 12pm. If these pick-up times do not work for you, please let us know!

  3. Spread 1 to 3 inches of compost to the surface of your garden and till it into your soil.

  4. Watch your plants grow!

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Thank you...

  • Flatirons Church Men's Group for packing the compost!

  • Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters for the bags!

  • Staff and volunteers for collecting and turning the compost for the past year!

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