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Questions? Call us at 720-266-4444 or email us at

We are currently seeking dedicated volunteers for our weekly property care team. Property care volunteers assist with various property projects, including tasks like mowing, weed whacking, and addressing miscellaneous ranch needs.

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with AATPC.
Volunteers help get the farm and animals ready for the day.

We Have many wonderful weekly Volunteer positions available and also group Volunteering opportunities

Weekly Volunteer Job Positions

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Cat Care 
& Socialization

Volunteers who would enjoy working with our 7 therapy cats and foster kittens are needed to help feed wet/dry food, cleaning litter boxes, giving fresh water, and  socializing with them.  Shift Times: Mon-Sun 7-8 am & Sat and Sun 5-7pm    


Indoor Animal Care
& Socialization

Volunteers who would enjoy working with our therapy rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and skinny pigs are needed to help with feeding, room clean, and spend some time socializing.   Shift Times: Mon-Sun 8-10 am & Sat and Sun 5-7pm 


Outdoor Animal Care
& Socialization

Volunteers for our therapy alpacas, horses, donkeys, goats, and chickens are needed to help with feeding, pen cleaning, mucking, turn out/in and socializing. Shift Times: Mon-Sun 8-10am & Sat and Sun 5-7pm Must be able to lift at least 20 pounds 


Animal Care Backup Volunteer

Volunteers who are trained in all areas of animal care including outdoor, indoor, and cat care. Volunteers need a flexible schedule and are willing to be a backup for short notice shifts. Shift Times: Varies (We usually know a couple days before if we will be short staffed)

Garden Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help with the upkeep of the produce and memorial garden. Duties include watering, weeding, outside sweeping, harvesting, and deadheading . Shift Times: 8-10 am Flexible with days
Lawn Mower Man

Property Care Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help keep AATPC grounds safe and beautiful. Duties include property maintenance, heavier outdoor projects as in weed whacking, tree trimming, weeding, mowing. Shift Times: 8-10 am Also Flexible with days and shift times 


Group Volunteering Requirements

Our group coordinators will facilitate tours and guide your group during each project. 

Due to safety considerations and the physical nature of many of our service projects, all group experience participants must be at least 18 years old.

Booking a group volunteer experience

If you have a group of between six and 20 people interested in volunteering please email us at


Volunteering Requirements

Please Join Us If You Can Commit

Cannot be an active client or have immediate family enrolled in our counseling program 

Must be VERY reliable! 

Must be 18 years of age or older 

Volunteer at least two hours a week (if interested in animal care position) 

Remain active for 6 months (if interested in animal care position) 

Complete a tour, orientation, and training 

Understand and accept all policies and guidelines

Pay a one time $30 payment fee

SIgn: Volunteer Consent And Release Of Liability / Rule & Risks 

Please follow our onboarding process

and if you have any problems please email us


Onboarding Process

Step 4

Hands on Training

Volunteers will learn the tasks required and will be trained by co-ordinator, senior volunteers or ranch manager

Back of a group of volunteers
More Info

Volunteering Handbook

Please read full details and info if you are considering volunteering


Batman Mar
woman talking to cat
Julie and Cody
Kess Brian and Haileah
Malissa and Karma
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7-30-19 (16)
7-30-19 (40)
Lily Kess Duncan and Haileah
KC Portrait
Hagrid Portrait
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  • Can I switch roles if I don't like my current position?
    Yes! We want volunteers to enjoy the work they are doing. If another role is calling out to you instead of your current role, please let the Volunteer Coordinator know.
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  • What if it’s snowing/raining outside? 
    Unless there is a severe storm, staff and animals will still be depending on volunteers to feed during bad weather.
  • I am under 18, can I still volunteer? 
    Unfortunately, because of liability reasons, we cannot accept volunteers under the age of 18, even if accompanied by an adult.
  • Can I switch roles if I don't like my current position?
    Yes! We want volunteers to enjoy the work they are doing. If another role is calling out to you instead of your current role, please let the Volunteer Coordinator know.
  • What should I bring when I come in to volunteer?
    Bring a personal water bottle Wear clothes prepared for the weather and that you don’t mind getting dirty. Closed-toe shoes are required when working outdoors. Boots or muck boots are highly recommended for outdoor volunteer work. If you have a favorite pair of work gloves, feel free to bring them. We have some extra if needed.
  • Can I have more than one position? 
    Yes, we love to cross train volunteers in all different areas. Please let the Volunteer Coordinator know if you are interested in training in another role.

Thank You To Our Old & New Volunteers

Welcome to the team!! We are so thankful and excited for you to be here. This magical place couldn’t function without you and your hard work! If you ever have questions or want to show me pictures of your fur babies please come find me! Hannah Wilkinson
"Thank you for your service! I love working with our volunteers.  Happy to have you on board!" Lindsey Chadwick, MA. NCC, LPC (She/Hers)
“Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing organization! We are all so grateful for your energy and appreciate your dedication to making this world a better place!” Erin Peterson, LPCC
Welcome new volunteers! We could not do what we do without YOU! Keeping a ranch going is not for the faint of heart, and it takes very special people to make it happen. Thank you for loving and caring for our animals and this magical ranch. If you work Sunday evenings, I look forward to getting to know you! - Lindsay Meyers

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