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Insurance and Fees

Self Pay (Out of Pocket) Price per Session:

Our fees are based on the current market value, specialized training, experience, and time spent preparing for your sessions. Each of our providers, based on their education level, will have a different fee. Low-Fee options are available for qualified individuals.

Licensed Therapist

  • Intake Session - $200

  • Individual Session - $180

  • Case Management - $45

Un-Licensed Therapist (Post Masters Degree, Working Toward Licensure)

  • Intake Session - $160

  • Individual Session - $140

  • Case Management - $35

​Clinical Intern (Working Toward Masters Degree)​​

  • Intake Session - $100

  • Individual Session - $100

  • Case Management - $25

We are in-network providers with:

  • Medicaid:

    • Colorado Access/ Denver Health Medicaid Choice

    • CCHA Colorado Community Health Alliance

    • Beacon Medicaid

    • Rocky Mountain Health Plans Medicaid

    • CHP+ HMO Colorado Access 

  • UMR/United Health Care

  • Victim's Compensation Jefferson County

  • Tricare West Region

  • Aetna


Out of Network Information:

You may have the option to seek out-of-network reimbursement. Using out-of-network benefits means that you pay for services the day of visit and upon request, we can provide a superbill. The “superbill” contains all necessary diagnosis and treatment codes required by insurance companies so that the client can submit documentation for possible reimbursement.

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