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AATPC would not have the impact it has today without support from people like you!

Make a donation today.

Your donation is tax-deductible. EIN# 45-4423891  

Current Giving Opportunities

Colorado Gives Day 365

You can donate through Colorado Gives anytime of the year!

Pygmy Pantry

Donate items to our food pantry that directly supports our clients who are experiencing food in-security.

Compost Fundraiser

Help us raise $1,000 for our animals!

Animal Sponsorships

We are always looking for animal sponsors. Your sponsorship will help provide shelter, food, veterinary care of your chosen sponsor animal. Sponsorships start at just $10/month.

Programs that need your support

Mazey's Dream Low-Income Program

More than 85% of our current clients are enrolled in our Mazey's Dream program. The number of clients enrolled in this program continues to grow every year. Mazey's dream clients are uninsured or enrolled in medicaid. A donation of $55 will cover the cost for one session that a Mazey's dream client cannot afford to pay. You can make a donation to support this critical AATPC program.


Animal Care

We are responsible for the health and happiness of many rescued and re-homed animals. Animal care alone costs more than $5,000 a month! Your donation to support animal care, allows us to focus on providing the best counseling services to all those clients who need our assistance. You can even designate your donation to help a specific animal! See our Animal Sponsorship Program for more information.

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