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Sponsor a Small Therapy Animal - Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Rats

$120 (1-time annual or pay $10 monthly)

Your contribution guarantees nutritious food for your rabbit, guinea pig, or rat for one month


  • Beautiful 8x10 photo of your adopted animal
  • Animal Adoption Certificate including your animal’s story
  • Listing on the AATPC website as part of the Small Animal Adoptive Family
  • Monthly email of your animal’s therapy contribution

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K.C. was born around 2012 and is almost totally black, but has a few little wisps of white on his back. K.C. may be the friendliest bunny you will ever meet. K.C. came to us from Colorado House Rabbit Society after being found wandering the streets in Idaho Springs. He has always been a mellow bunny but now that he has Maggie as his mate, he is especially happy.

We adopted K.C. so that Maggie could have a friend. since rabbits are social, and matriarchal. So Maggie actually chose K.C. as her partner. We wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but after a few days getting to know K.C. she definitely wanted him with her. Now they groom each other and snuggle together. We are very happy for these two rabbits now that they have each other!

Thank You to K.C.'s Sponsors

KC is currently looking for sponsors!

RollocloseupRollo is the only male guinea pig and when he was old enough he was separated from the girls and started to live in the Rabbit Room. By accident Rollo escaped and immediately started to purr around the rabbits and rub himself on them, and cuddle. Now, we are pretty sure Rollo thinks he’s a rabbit. He still hangs with them during the day and plays with the clients as well.

Thank You to Rollo's Sponsors

Veronica Solarz since January 2021


Cinnamon was identified as a female from the beginning, so no surprises there! She is by far the snuggliest of the rats so far, falling asleep in anyone's hands when given head and nose rubs. She is an albino rat, though it may be hard to tell from her photo, identifiable by her red eyes and light colored fur. Though she isn't stark white in color, albino rats can come in various shades of white, such as her very light grey coloring. We are already in love with these four new babies!

Thank You to Cinnamon's Sponsors

Cinnamon is currently looking for sponsors!

RosieRosie was born 11/26/2017. She is a "skinny pig", or a hairless guinea pig. Rosie looks particularly vulnerable without hair, but she has a big personality. She loves to cuddle and LOVES red peppers. She whistles when she's very happy, such as when people come into feed her and play with her.

We love Rosie as a therapy animal because she teaches us about gentleness and grace and internal beauty. While Rosie doesn't look like her haired cousins, she is perfect and lovable. Rosie's eyes are naturally red - which is off-putting to some. She is also prone to eye infections, but is very patient with her humans who have to put medicine in her eye each day. 

Thank You to Rosie's Sponsors

Linda Craddock since December 2018
April Kater since October 2019
Essence Susko since October 2019
Sable Alexander & Sophia Ferrer since June 2020


Oscar's story is the same as Gus-Gus's above, being rescued from a reptile store at about 4 weeks old. Now at about 6 weeks, the vet also believes Oscar to be a female. Oscar is sweet and cuddly already she can be easily identified by the distinct line down her nose separating the grey and white fur. We can't wait to watch her come into her own as a therapy rat! 

Thank you to Oscar's Sponsor

Briana Ochiltree since January 2020

Gus GusGus-Gus was rescued from a reptile store along with her four siblings. Initially we were told that Gus-Gus, Oscar and Dwight were males, so the staff voted on some stereotypical male names. Upon meeting with the vet, she concluded that all of the rats were actually female! Gus-Gus was too fitting a name for this sweet little rat to change it, and who's to decide what makes a name male or female anyway?? Gus-Gus and his siblings are about 6 weeks old, and will be the newest additions to the AATPC therapy animal team once they get a bit older. We're excited to watch all of them grow and develop and see their personalities unfold! 

Thank You to Gus-Gus' Sponsors

Gus Gus is currently looking for sponsors!


We adopted Snickers from the Foothills Animal Shelter so that Rosie could have a friend (guinea pigs are herd animals). Snickers was born in August 2017. She was with her mother and father at the shelter - the family had been relinquished from a home that could no longer care for them. It has been challenging for Snickers to leave her parents after being with them for 6 months. She is still shy and nervous.

Guinea Pigs are prey animals and it will take Snickers some time to learn that she can trust the giant humans who want to play with her. As is our policy with all our animals, we are giving Snickers as much time as she needs to feel safe and decide if and how much she would like to engage with the staff and clients. Staff are currently just petting her, and occasionally picking her up, and letting her and Rosie have "play dates" in their play pen. Our commitment is to give Snickers a happy, fulfilled life with us whether or not she decides to be a therapy animal. We will continue to give her the time she needs to decide how much human contact she would like to have.

Thank You to Snickers' Sponsors

Snickers is currently looking for a sponsor!


Dwight was also believed to be a male when he was rescued at about 5 weeks old from the same reptile store, only to find out later that she's actually a female! Her markings are similar to Oscar, but she has more grey on her face and less on her body than Oscar. She is also about a week older, we believe, as she is the biggest of the 4 rats. The staff love to give her snuggles and hear her sweet little bruxing noise as she cleans herself on the shoulders of staff members. 

Thank you to Dwight's Sponsor

Kassandra Larsen since January 2020


Gloria was born in September 2019. She is a black "skinny pig", which means she is a hairless guinea pig (although she has a little fuzz around her muzzle). We don't know much about her past, except that she was left in a box in front of the Denver Dumb Friends League.

Like Rosie, Gloria has a bold, curious personality and often wastes no time coming out to sniff whoever is in the room. She is talkative and, usually, within just minutes of being held, will begin making sweet little noises, sounds that guinea pigs use to display happiness.Even though she's just been around a few people, we can already see that she is going to want to be a helper.

As herd animals, guinea pigs are happiest when they have a friend nearby. Gloria was rescued from the Denver Dumb Friends League to be a companion for Rosie. She will spend some time in a separate enclosure, next to Rosie, so they can (hopefully) become the best of friends.

Thank You to Gloria's Sponsors

Deborah Sutton since June 2020
Susan Zenisek since June 2020
Rebecca Ebeling Asbury since June 2020
Brenda Johnson since June 2020
Kim McMichael since June 2020
Lindsey, Hailey, and Landen Bogard since June 2020
William Gollin since June 2020

SmoresSmores and Rollo were born on the first day of Spring, March 20th, 2018. They were a happy surprise! We did not know that Snickers was pregnant – but within minutes she produced 2 beautiful, fully formed babies! Smores is the more social of the two and has a sweet guinea pig “purr” when she is held pet. She is the cuddliest of all the piggies! 

S'mores is our travelling guinea pig and likes to meet new people when we have presentations in public. She is always cool, and calm and friendly to everyone she meets. When she's at home, she is best friends with Rosie. They love to play chase together.

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