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"I saw so many miracles..." An interview with Sarah Deering

In honor of our original therapy dog and therapy cat, we celebrate #Mazeyday and #Sashaday! This series features interviews with people who have been involved with AATPC. Welcome, Sarah Deering!

Sarah and Jude

What initially drew you to AATPC?

I was in therapy on and off growing up, and always hated it. When I learned this approach existed, I knew I wanted to be part of making that accessible for folks.

Jude is also a former AATPC therapist! He just retired this year, but has been seeing clients in individual therapy, group sessions, residential treatment and crisis programs, and (most recently) in-home, since 2014. The best boy.

What was your role at AATPC?

I started as a volunteer, and taking as many trainings as I could during my undergraduate degree. I later interned during my MA program, and worked there for a short time after graduation before moving out of state.

Are you still involved with AATPC? If so, how?

Yes! I maintained my connection with the ranch and with Linda, and when I moved back to CO I knew I was moving in another direction professionally, but still wanted to be part of this glorious mission to rescue people and animals alike, so I applied to join the BoD. I have served there in some capacity since 2017, and currently hold the president position.

What is your biggest takeaway from AATPC?

I saw so many miracles – from a kiddo who wasn’t able to talk until we spent time finger-painting on a horse, to an adult who overcame shadow parts that filled them with addiction or other self-harming tendencies, all because a little bunny loved them. The training I received here made me a better therapist, a better pet-owner, and a better human to the world around me. Understanding animals means expanding our understanding of ourselves, and that’s a beautiful thing.

What are you doing now?

I spend most of my time working construction, as I prepare to take the reigns from my dad and our small family-owned business in CO. I also still do some animal-assisted therapy, providing in-home services to folks who aren’t able to access services otherwise. I am also a doula at Denver Health, which might be my favorite of the three

What would you say to others who are interested in working with AATPC?

There is no better place to invest your time, energy, and resources. Animals share a kinship with one another, and with us human animals. They are here to help us learn about ourselves and find healing, and AATPC makes this possible. I so love seeing how happy each of the rescued animals are, and how they are thriving – living their best life, as the kids say. How incredible is it that they were able to find and serve their higher purpose in this world also?



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