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Talking to the Animals

Do you talk to your pet? You're not alone! In a study of 2,000 Dog owners in Britain, 80% acknowledged they prefer to talk to their dog than people. Dogs are great listeners. 57% of the respondents talked about the weather, 39% talked about things that were annoying to them, 22% admitted their insecurities and 25% told their dogs their deepest, darkest secrets!

Here at AATPC we have over 30 animals that are great listeners. While dogs have evolved along with humans to respond to human cues and emotions, other animals also have big ears to listen with. Our horses are amongst the best listeners. Perhaps their big, droopy ears make them especially attuned to hear what we say, and being herd animals, they also hear what we can't say. Talking out loud is just a small part of communication and animals are often more motivated than people to be available for us. The special contact that we have with animals as we share our inner selves with them, seems to allow them to feel a special bond with us as well.

What do you talk to your pet about?


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