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Adolescent Therapy

Ages 11 to 18

Many parents find it challenging to find their teenagers the treatment they need, especially for those who resist treatment. Our therapists are not only highly experienced in engaging teenagers, but also in working with therapy animals to help facilitate the treatment process. We have found that teens enjoy working with the animals and find the unique sessions fun and motivating. All of our therapy animals have difficult and challenging histories that help teens form a connection. For example, by enlisting the teen’s help in developing a behavior plan for a therapy animal, the teen learns the same skills and develops problem-solving skills and empathy.


At AATPC, we integrate our therapy animals into the therapy process. Animals provide a unique connection for teenagers, one that immediately helps teens feel comfortable and at ease. This helps the therapist connect with the teen more quickly. There are several ways that animals enrich the therapy environment.

  • Many teenagers naturally feel comfortable with animals. This makes the counseling process more positive and enjoyable.

  • Research has found that therapists seem more approachable when there is an animal in the room.

  • Each of our therapy animals have been rescued and have their own stories. Some teenagers relate directly to the animals’ stories. In allowing the teen to help the animal, we can highlight themes in the teen’s life.

  • We can develop creative and fun interventions with the animals that help focus on the teen’s issues without having to directly confront them.

  • Because teens can address issues faster when animals are present, therapy takes less time and is therefore more effective.

  • Animals can help focus the attention outward. This helps relieve symptoms of physical pain, depression, anxiety, and other internally-focused problems.


During your initial session, the therapist will gather information from parents, evaluate your teen, and start to develop a treatment plan specifically design for your teen. We believe that effective therapy is based on a strong, trusting, and comfortable relationship between the teen, their family, and the therapy team.

To learn more about how one of our Professional Therapy Teams can help, or to schedule a consultation, you can contact us at: 720-266-4444, or send us a confidential email. We look forward to working with you.

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